Open to both children and adults:

Pebble Painting

This year, to make us feel like we really are enjoying a day out at the beach, we are holding a ‘Pebble Painting’ competition.  The great thing is that you can find pebbles everywhere, you don’t need to be by the seaside to find them and they are free!  Look for any small rock that is flattish in shape and smooth to the touch and you can use emulsion paint, poster paint or acrylic paint and let your imagination run free!

Bring your pebbles to the Craft Tent as soon as you arrive so they can be displayed for us all to enjoy.

Create a Seaside Scene

We’d also love to see your picture, or interpretation, of an English seaside.  It will need to be done on paper, nothing too heavy please, as we will be hanging them up in the Tea Tent for everyone to appreciate.

Winners of both competitions will be announced just before the children’s races start at 3:30PM.